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Letter From the Founding Chairman

In 2005, to mark the Foundation’s fiftieth year, Morris Kaplan, founding chairman, documented his sentiments about and aspirations for the Foundation. His thoughts are as relevant today as they were in 2005 and his vision continues to guide staff, family, and the Foundation’s mission and purpose.

In 2005, Morry wrote:

Hopefully, we try to bind our community closer together and enable a better quality of life to emerge in the areas that we support.

Although we celebrate 50 years of our Foundation, our story begins well before 1955. Mayer Kaplan came from a humble working-class background with resolute strength and determination to endow me with a philosophy of ‘sharing and giving,’ which led the Foundation to pass on its leadership to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and in-laws who work closely with the staff.

Gathering as a family is the most profound aspect of our work. It has been true gift to sit with my extended family three times a year to ponder on how to best husband our resources to meet the challenges of our time. We’ve played together, learned to love and respect each other, and remained together starting with three family members – which has now grown to thirty five.

With each new generation, we’ve added fresh perspectives and have been aided by a compassionate and competent professional staff.

Replete with a sense of ‘history in our time,’ the Foundation has grown and has developed appreciation of common bonds and family togetherness. We are grateful for the opportunities we all have to reach out with compassion for one another and to those who seek help.

It is has been a privilege to work with all of our grantees… and we look forward to providing support and encouragement in the future.

Morris A. Kaplan
Founding Chairman,
The Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation

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