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How often can my organization apply?

Organizations will only be considered once per calendar year.

Does the foundation give general operating or program-specific support?

The Foundation will consider proposals for both general operating and program-specific funding.

Does the Foundation provide funding for overhead/administrative costs?

Yes.  The Foundation will consider funding a portion of an organization’s administrative/overhead costs.

How much should we ask for?

Education grants generally range from $40,000-$60,000. You may request an amount commensurate with your organizational/program needs. If you have questions, Foundation staff can consult on an appropriate amount to request.

Does the Foundation make multi-year grants?

The Foundation will consider multi-year requests, especially for projects that are intended to produce results that add to the research and evidence base of the field, and can be disseminated and implemented systemically.  As the Foundation wants to be intentional in our consideration of multi-year grants, please apply for a one-year grant unless we specifically ask you to apply for multi-year funding.

Will there be a site visit?

If your organization is selected to advance in the proposal review process, staff will contact you to set up a site visit. Staff and Foundation committee members will conduct in-person site visits with as many organizations as time and travel schedules permit; however, not all organizations will be visited every year.

Where an in-person site visit is not possible, staff will conduct proposal review via telephone.

Do we need to submit a Letter of Inquiry?

Yes. In order to submit a Letter of Inquiry, all new potential applicants must first speak with staff to determine fit with the Foundation’s portfolio. If your organization is invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry, staff will provide instructions.Current grantees do not need to submit an LOI.

If my organization received a past grant from the Foundation, will Foundation staff contact me to reapply?

No.  Information regarding the Foundation grant cycles and submission deadlines are regularly updated on our website. If you intend to re-apply for a grant, please note the application deadlines for each grant cycle.

Does the Foundation have a roll-off policy?

Currently, the Foundation does not specify the number of years it will support an organization. We continue to strive to find a balance between new funding opportunities and maintaining and strengthening relationships with current grantees.

If my organization was declined in the past, should I reapply?

If you have specific questions about whether your organization is a “fit” with the Foundation’s priorities, please contact staff.

Can I submit a full grant application/proposal at any time?

No.  Please see our How To Apply/Deadlines page for more specific information on our application deadlines.

If we miss the grant proposal submission deadline, will the Foundation accept late submissions?

Generally, the answer is no. However, if you are a previous grantee of the Foundation and missed the deadline due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact staff.

If my organization type is on your Exclusions list, but also offers a distinct program within your areas of interest, should I apply?

This is a difficult question, but the short answer is no. With the high volume of requests we receive, we struggle to adequately fund the programs that fit squarely within our program areas. Please do not invest your time on a proposal if your organization type is on the exclusions list.

Does my organization need to be located in the city of Chicago or the city of Los Angeles to be eligible for a grant under the Foundation’s Education guidelines?

Generally, yes; we will only fund organizations located in the city of Chicago or the city of Los Angeles, and/or organizations working in or partnering with Chicago Public Schools or Los Angeles Unified School District. If your organization is located outside the Chicago or LA city limits, but provides substantial programming to Chicago or LA youth, please contact staff to discuss eligibility.

If my organization does not have its own 501(c)3 status and operates under a fiscal sponsor, are we still eligible to apply?

In some cases, yes. Please contact staff for additional information.

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