The Mayer and Morris Kaplan Family Foundation is interested in supporting organizations and initiatives aimed at halting climate change in order to safeguard the health of people, places and the planet.

Fossil fuel production and consumption are major factors that have caused global temperatures to rise at an alarming rate. Unchecked, climate change will drastically impact global safety, security, health, and most critically, the future of our planet. However, growing research, smart policy, strategic legal interventions, and bold innovations in education and science offer promise for a strong and effective response.

To that end, the Foundation supports efforts aimed at decreasing domestic fossil fuel demand and production, and at promoting high-quality and scientifically accurate climate change education for young adults. The Kaplan Foundation prioritizes being responsive to short- and long-term threats and opportunities, using research and data to inform decisions, and being innovative in our approach to finding solutions.

Areas of Focus: