Education Deadlines

Chicago Organizations – Current Grantees

July 31, 2020  -  Due date for 6-month progress reports and proposals for grant renewals. Staff will provide you with the 2020 renewal proposal instructions and progress report via email.

Chicago Organizations – New Applicants

May 1, 2020  -  Letter of Inquiry (LOI) instructions will be provided to organizations invited to submit. (Please contact staff to determine eligibility/fit.)
May 29, 2020  -  Due date for LOI
July 6, 2020  -  Date by which organizations will be notified of status of LOI; those invited to submit full proposals will receive proposal instructions via email.
July 31, 2020  -  Due date for full proposals

Los Angeles Organizations – Current Grantees

March 2021  -  Staff will reach out to schedule check-in calls and discuss the process for potential grant renewal.


Los Angeles Organizations – New Applicants

We are focusing our efforts on supporting our current grantees and are not accepting new applications from Los Angeles organizations for the 2021 grant cycle. Please contact staff with any questions.


Environment Deadlines

Please note that the application procedures and deadlines do not apply to environment grantmaking. If your organization aligns with the Foundation’s environment priorities, please contact staff to discuss eligibility and application procedures.